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I got blogged! [Updated]

Beni took a picture of me while working hard.

Check out his blog post.

Update: Yesterday it was very cold in our office. I was wearing my new St. Pauli hat from Hamburg but beni used another tactic of me:
Beni does the Darth Vader

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Harry Fuecks @ 06.03.2008 21:13 CEST
And here http://www.corporate-aliens.com/articles/workplace/evil_emporer.jpg
ebi @ 07.03.2008 10:19 CEST
That's how I will look in about 200 years :D
Marc @ 09.03.2008 19:50 CEST
reminds me of: http://www.nichtlustig.de/toondb/050528.html
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