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Jackalope presentation and status

On the Liip Techday 2009 I had a slot together with chregu and we talked about jackalope. We were introducing the Java Content Repository to the crowd and talked about the current state of jackalope - which is our native PHP jackrabbit client implementation. It was a great day with great talks and a lot of beers in the evening. You can check out most of the presentations including ours at http://slides.liip.ch

We're making a great progress writing tests and implementing the jr_cr (aka java-bridge prototype) version. Currently we're switching from JCR 1 to JCR 2.0 using and sharing the interfaces with flow3. This is a great collaboration :) At the moment we switched our plans a little. In the beginning we aimed to achieve full test coverage before we start with our native PHP version which will become the main jackalope component. Currently it seems like we're going to finish most of the level1 tests and then beginn with the native client.

If I got you interested get in touch with us on #jackalope or on the mailing list contributors are of course very welcome.

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